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courage-vs-fear-parentingRecently I was having one of those days where nothing really seemed to be going the way I desired. Frankly it left me feeling let down and somewhat discouraged. No one is immune to these feelings, however we can choose to overcome them and move forward.

Here is the definition of Discourage:

to make (someone) less determined, hopeful, or confident
to make (something) less likely to happen
to try to make people not want to do (something)


Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

My definition of Courage is simple ” Face your fear and Do it anyways”
Meaning, face your fears, press through and don’t let that discouragement keep you from what you know you originally had on your heart to do.

Remember how I said that recently I was having “one of those days?”
I knew that I was supposed to get out my mp3 recorder and pray for several people. The recorder was to catch any prophetic words or visions I was given. Now I don’t do that every time I pray for someone, but this was one of those days where I felt that nudge from the Holy Spirit. I sat down with my list of who I was impressed to pray for and before I could get the first words out of my mouth the discouragement came. It’s not important that I tell you what it was as much as share that it happens to all of us. Something pops up and breaks your confidence right as your about to do something great.

I spent part of the day moping and feeling powerless, but ultimately I knew I had to pray for these folks and that the Lord wanted to give me a word for someone. I picked myself up, shook of discouragement and the fear that comes with it and Prayed. Just like the picture with this post, I came to the intersection of Courage and Fear. I stood up tall and walked out the rest of my day Courageously and with determination that I would be a blessing.

The end result was that I prayed, received and delivered the word I was given and heard wonderful feedback about it’s blessing and timeliness.
Did I feel like praying? No, did I push pass that discouragement and do it anyways.. Yes!

Today, don’t let anything stop you from both being a blessing and receiving all the blessings that the Lord has for you. The Lord is constantly looking to strengthen us. Keep your eyes and your heart on what HE can do. The power is His and He has given you the authority to use it.

Be Courageous!