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As most of you know, we had been traveling in our car and living by faith for the last 17 months until this December when we made Arlington Texas our new home. We will be sending out a newsletter and blog post soon with all of our new changes and vision for the next year.

While on the road we have met so many fantastic people and visited so many great churches that are doing a great work in their respective cities. We have also met many people both in person and through Facebook that have no affirming churches in their areas. They are very much in need of fellowship both online and in person. For anyone who knows us well, they know that if God calls, we answer! We have committed our lives to being available to the body of Christ and the world for the Lord to use and pour out as He sees fit. We have heard from the Lord clearly on the need to minister to those who are in remote areas or have no affirming ministry presence. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our new outreach called Fresh Manna-Remote Region Cells. Romans 10:14

Fresh Manna exists to go into the Highways and Byways bringing worship, word, teaching, fellowship and prayer on a monthly or quarterly basis while building up the local group through video chats, individual mentoring and teachings from us and other trusted ministers available through The Covenant Network which we are members of.

Currently we have a Fresh Manna-Arkansas and Fresh Manna-Kansas that we are working with to prayerfully plan and intercede for our first meetings in both these states. There are many challenges and much warfare that comes with taking back enemy territory and bringing the light of the Gospel to these places where people have been disenfranchised in the name of Religion. We are committed to bringing the light, power and authority of God into these places as we work one on one to mentor and build up these precious saints who are literally have no opportunity for face to face fellowship otherwise. In addition to bringing worship, word and fellowship for the saints, we will be working with our local contacts to do street evangelism and other forms of outreach in their community.

We ask that you would keep us in your prayers and intercessions and that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us to help establish the Kingdom of God in these areas.

Blessings to you.

Ministers Debbie & Susan George